My name is E, that’s the only personal detail you will be getting from me. I wish to remain anonymous.

The personal details I will give is about anxiety, I have anxiety and it’s pretty bad to be honest. I was told if I write about it, it can help and the idea that I might be helping others is a nice feeling to me.

On this blog I will be writing about anxiety, what it will feel like, the real truths and how it actually feels; not the romanticised version by the media and some tv shows but the cold hard truth. I’m hoping that my writing will show that you’re not on your own out there and that even if you don’t have anxiety but you know someone who does, I’m hoping this will help you understand what we’re going through.

I will be writing up tips on how to cope, as well as giving ideas on what you can do or where you can go. I will say this, I’m here for you to talk to but if something is serious I will be telling you to speak to someone all the time. I know what it feels like not wanting to, I thought I’d be a coward doing so but you’re not and it actually really helps! 

I hope that you can give me some feedback on my blog, if something makes it difficult for you to read tell me. I wish to help anyone out and will go out of my way to make it easier for you.

My name is E. I have anxiety. I’m going to write about it on here and I’m going to write strategies on coping. I’m here for you.

Keep On Going.